Hello, my name is Angelina Yuzifovich and I would love to tutor and help students. By utilizing my experience, dedication, and skill, I will surely be able to help your child achieve their goals, whether it be getting a high score on standardized testing, getting admitted into private school, or help with school in general. I am currently looking for students to work with during the summer of 2019.   

Private School Admission Test Preparation

The process of trying to get into a private high school can long and winding, and as someone who has experienced the stress that comes with it, I would like to help others achieve what I have been able to, getting accepted into the Harker Upper School, by helping them with their math and english skills, whether it be on how to elevate their word banks, or teach them the best strategies on quickly solving math problems.  

In order to ensure that you will have the highest chance of being accepted, it is good to start preparing as early as possible, but at the latest, the best time to start would be the summer between seventh and eighth grade. There are many factors in the application process, one being the different subject tests that are required like the SAT, ISEE, and SSAT, all of which I have taken and will be able to help with.

Now you might be wondering, why would you need to take any of these tests to get into a private school. Well the thing is that even though the SAT is a high school test, to get into many different extracurricular programs outside of school that would make your application stand out, you need to take the SAT. On the SAT, I got a score of 1490 in eighth grade and placed into the 99th percentile of SAT takers. I can advise students on how to properly study for the SAT and deal with any weakness that they may have for any of the SAT sections.  


Talent Search Preparation

Furthermore, I can aid students of applying to extracurricular programs. One of the programs that you can apply to are the CTY and SET programs.The CTY program offers many interesting and beneficial courses that you can take over the summer, or take online during the school year that offer credit. Furthermore, the SET program not only gives you mentors who can help      

And as for the ISEE and SSAT, these tests had to be taken in order for me to get accepted. While most would try to just study for one, I decided to take both in order to see which one best suits me. These two tests have not only different formatting, but also different scoring systems, and I can help your child decide which one would be the most comfortable for them and let them utilize their full ability. For example, on the SSAT, you lose points for wrong answers, which means that by guessing, you risk losing points. On both the ISEE and the SSAT, I got into the 99th percentile for math.